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CDs & IRAs


BCB Bank offers a variety of CDs and IRAs to match your needs.

Current cd offer

7 Month CD - 5.05% APY / 4.86% Interest Rate
$500 Minimum Balance to obtain APY*
*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Requirements: 7 Month CD with an APY of 5.05% and an interest rate of 4.86%. Annual percentage yield is accurate as of 4/8/2024. Must deposit $500.00 to open. must maintain daily balance of $500.00 in account each day to obtain disclosed apy. Interest will be compounded daily and credited monthly. APY assumes interest will remain on deposit until maturity. Early withdrawal penalty will be charged for funds withdrawn before maturity date. Penalty will equal 3 months of interest on account. Account will automatically renew at maturity to 7 month CD at prevailing rate .Grace period of 7 calendar days after the maturity date to withdraw funds without being charged a penalty. This rate is only offered on 7 month CD with an opening amount of $500.00 as advertised. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Withdrawal of interest may reduce earnings. Activity or maintenance fees may reduce earnings. new money is required for this product. Additional deposits of NEW money are permitted.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

With a CD, your savings are invested at a set rate for a specified period of time. You will typically receive a higher interest rate on CDs with longer terms. Early withdrawal penalties on a CD may apply. Please contact us for the latest CD rates.


Plan For Your Future

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are excellent for preparing for retirement. BCB offers both Traditional and Roth IRAs, which can provide either tax-deferred earnings or tax free earnings, allowing your retirement savings to grow. We also offer tax-deferred Educational IRAs for your future education needs.

With FDIC insurance up to $250,000 with free and flexible distribution options, IRAs are a great way to fund your retirement savings plan. Whether you decide on a Traditional, Roth, or Educational IRA, BCB will help you plan successfully while maximizing your savings.

Traditional IRA

  • Contributions are tax-deferred until withdrawal
  • May be eligible to deduct contributions on current tax returns
  • Penalty-free early withdrawal for certain expenses

Roth IRA

  • Qualified distributions will be tax free and penalty free as long as certain conditions are met
  • Penalty-free early withdrawal for certain expenses

Education Savings Account (ESA)

  • Maximum annual contribution of $2,000 per child
  • Individuals and non-individuals may contribute, including relatives, friends, corporations, and tax-exempt organizations (must be age 18 or older to contribute)
  • Distributions are tax-free provided they do not exceed qualified education expenses incurred at an eligible education institution such as elementary, secondary, and higher education
  • Funds can be transferred to another ESA for a member of the same family, provided the new beneficiary is younger than age 30 (with the exception of a special needs individual)

Tax-Deferred IRAs Details
Terms Available
6 Months, 9 Months, & 12 Months, 18 Months, 
2 Years, 3 Years, 4 Years, 5 Years
Minimum Deposit Required to Open An Account $500.00
Minimum balance to obtain
Annual Percentage Yield
Early Withdrawal IRS may impose additional penalties for early withdrawals
Contribution Limits as of Current Tax Year $6,500 for under 50 years old, $7,500 for 50 years
old and older

Additional Important Details

Annual percentage yield assumes interest remains on deposit, withdrawals of interest will reduce earnings.

Annual percentage yield is accurate as of 12/01/2023.

The interest for your account will be paid monthly, automatically renewing at its maturity date.  

You will have seven calendar days from maturity date to withdraw your funds or your certificate will automatically rollover. 

If any deposit is withdrawn before the maturity date, a penalty may be applied.

Increments of $100 or greater are allowed on any IRA term as long as the account doesn't exceed yearly contribution limit.

Fees could reduce earnings on the account.