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Indus American Bank FAQs


General Questions About the Merger

Who is BCB Community Bank?

BCB Community Bank (BCB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BCB Bancorp, Inc. founded in November 2000.  BCB is a community bank providing all of the conveniences of local banking and offering a wide range of products and services, including various loan types, deposit products, and retail and commercial banking services.  BCB presently has 23 full-service branches located in Bayonne, Carteret, Colonia, Edison, Fairfield, Hoboken, Holmdel, Jersey City, Lodi, Lyndhurst, Maplewood, Monroe Township, Rutherford, South Orange, Union, Woodbridge, and Staten Island, New York.  BCB also maintains loan production offices in Hoboken, New Jersey and New York City.

Who is Indus American Bank?

Indus American Bank (IAB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of IA Bancorp, Inc. founded in 2004 by local businessmen and community leaders.  IAB is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey and has five full-service branches in Edison, Jersey City, Parsippany, Plainsboro and Hicksville, New York. IAB was founded primarily to meet the banking needs of the South Asian-American community and specializes in providing core business banking products to small and medium sized companies, as well as complimentary services to its retail customers.

How can I learn more about BCB Community Bank and Indus American Bank?

There is ample information available about both financial institutions on the internet and through other public sources.  For more information about both financial institutions, please visit www.BCB.Bank and  A press release that describes the transaction can be found on both websites.

Why are BCB Community Bank and Indus American Bank merging?

BCB Community Bank (BCB) and Indus American Bank (IAB) are strongly aligned community banks with similar business models that makes this merger a “good fit”.  BCB and IAB proudly share a strong commitment to the development and growth of the communities in which they operate.  IAB’s branch locations strongly complement BCB’s current locations. BCB offers expanding lending capacity, supplementary retail and business products and added capital, which should allow for better services to customers, continued growth, and enhanced shareholder value.

What are the advantages of this merger?

The combined company will have assets of over $2 billion with 28 branch locations throughout central and northern New Jersey and in parts of New York.  No branch closings are expected.  The merger will allow the combined institution to leverage each institution’s strength, relationships and personnel.  The two banks are community banks with similar operating models, customer focus and strong service and community orientation.  BCB offers expanding lending capacity and supplementary retail and business products, which should allow for better services to customers and continued institutional growth.

What does the merger mean for the communities that Indus American Bank serves?

The combined institution will form a larger community bank that will pride itself on hard work, friendly and knowledgeable customer service with all the conveniences of local banking.  If anything, the merger will offer additional products and services to Indus American Bank customers consistent with IAB’s long-standing commitment to the development and growth of the communities in which it operates.

Will Indus American Bank change its name?

For at least two years after consummation of the merger, Indus American Bank will do business as BCB – Indus American Bank.

Who will lead the new company?

Thomas M. Coughlin, President and CEO BCB Community Bank, will continue to lead the combined banks as President and CEO.  Tom has been in the banking industry for 31 years. He was formerly Vice President of Chatham Savings Bank and, prior to that, Controller and Corporate Secretary of First Savings Bank of New Jersey.  Tom received his CPA designation in 1982.  He is a member of the Bayonne Rotary, Gift of Life 7490, International Aid Humanitarian Foundation, Friends of Family Readiness Group, Executive Board Member of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce and Friends of Special Children. Tom was also a former Commissioner of the Bayonne Rent Control Board, a past President of the American Heart Association and has served as Trustee of D.A.R.E. and the Bayonne P.A.L. Tom continues to serve on various civic organizations. Tom received a B.S. degree from Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City.

How will the bank merger impact existing customers?

Until approvals are obtained and a closing takes place, customers will see no changes to their day-to-day banking.  Customers’ account numbers will remain the same and customers should continue to use the same accounts, checks, deposit slips, and ATM/debit cards.  Teams from Indus American Bank (IAB) and BCB Community Bank (BCB) will be working to plan the merger and minimize customer impacts to the greatest extent as possible.  Because IAB and BCB are community banks with comparable business models, a smooth, efficient transition is anticipated.  In fact, if anything, the merger should provide customers with a broader array of products and services.  If any changes to accounts are required by the merger, customers will receive written communications well in advance of any changes along with detailed instructions to ensure no interruptions to your banking experience.  BCB and IAB personnel will be available to assist customers in managing any required changes. 

Will I continue to bank at the same branch as I use now?

There are no anticipated branch closings as a result of the merger. Customers will be able to continue being serviced by the same great staff at the branch location they have been using.

What will happen to my branch and its employees?

There are no plans to close any branches after the merger.  The merger is a good fit geographically for both banks as they continue to serve two distinct customer bases.  The combined organization will have over 25 full-service branches.  Indus American Bank branch employees have been asked to remain after the merger and only minimal changes are expected as a result. 

How will the merger affect FDIC insurance coverage?

Both BCB Community Bank (BCB) and Indus American Bank (IAB) are FDIC insured institutions.  For most customers, there will be no impact.  For customers with deposits at both institutions, the amounts on deposits with both banks will be combined to determine whether a depositor has exceeded the FDIC insurance limit.  If a customer’s total deposit amount will exceed the FDIC threshold, one of the bankers at BCB or IAB will be pleased to meet with you to discuss options to restructure your accounts in order to maximize your FDIC insurance coverage.

Will Indus American Bank customers be able to use the BCB Community Bank locations?  Can I begin banking with BCB Community Bank right away?

Following a system conversion, which is expected to take place in July 2018, Indus American Bank (IAB) customers will be able to bank at BCB Community Bank locations and vice versa.

In the upcoming months, should Indus American Bank customers be doing anything differently?

No.  You should continue to conduct your banking business as you always have, whether through an Indus American branch location, on-line or on your mobile device.  As the banks get closer to integrating their systems, you will be notified of any required changes with plenty of advance notice.

I have other questions about the proposed merger.  Who can I contact to discuss them?

Should you have any additional questions relating to the merger, please contact your nearest Indus American Office, or call the BCB Customer Care Department at 1-800-680-6872.

Branch Location Telephone Number
1630 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 08820
70 Broadway
Hicksville, NJ 11801
Jersey City
781 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306
1452 Rt 46 West
Parsippany, NJ 07054
10 Schalks Crossing Rd
Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Questions About Your Stock

I own Indus American Bank stock.  Who can I call with questions about my stock?

For questions about your Indus American Bank stock, please contact Thomas P. Keating, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, at (201) 823-0700 ext. 2013 or email him at

I own BCB Community Bank stock.  Who can I call with questions about my stock?

For questions about your BCB Community Bank stock, please contact Thomas P. Keating, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, at (201) 823-0700 ext. 2013 or email him at


Questions about Lending

How will the merger impact loan decisions?

Loan decisions will be made by lending and credit departments of BCB Community Bank (BCB) after the merger.  Some Indus American Bank (IAB) team members may join these departments and continue to be involved with the underwriting and loan decision-making process.  

Does BCB Community Bank offer different or additional loan options?

BCB Community Bank prides itself on being responsive to loan requests and is highly competitive in the market with regards to rates and terms.  Like Indus American Bank (IAB), BCB Community Bank (BCB) offers a broad array of loan options.  The most significant difference is that BCB will be able to handle loan requests in amounts larger than IAB was able to consider.

On the residential or consumer side, BCB offers robust residential mortgage loan products for 1-4 family home, including condominiums and cooperative apartments, purchases and refinances, as well as home equity loans and home equity lines of credit.  In addition, BCB offers a full suite of commercial and business loan products, including commercial mortgage loans for all types of commercial properties, as well as business term loans and lines of credit.  BCB is also an approved SBA lender. 

In addition, BCB recently launched a small business loan program to provide business term loans and lines of credits for smaller businesses in the communities that it serves.

What will happen to my loan request currently in process with Indus American Bank?

The loan review process with be assumed by BCB Community Bank (BCB) for any loan requests still in process.  BCB and IAB personnel will coordinate their efforts to ensure that all loan requests are handled promptly in a seamless manner for the customer.

Will the merger with BCB Community Bank affect my existing Indus American Bank loan?

No.  The merger will not impact loan interest rates, terms or conditions of any Indus American Bank (IAB) loan.  Borrowers should continue to make loan payments as usual unless notified otherwise.

If you have a line of credit with IAB, your line of credit will not automatically renew at the end of its term.  You will receive a notice prior to the expiration of your line of credit so that it can be reviewed and possible renewed under BCB Community Bank’s loan program. 

My Indus American Bank loan is paid through automatic ACH withdrawals.  Do I have to do anything to continue my payments in this manner?

No.  Your loan payments should continue to be drawn from the designated account as previously scheduled after the merger.  If additional documents or information is required to continue the payments after the merger, you will receive a notice well in advance of the system conversion date which will be in July 2018.

Who should I call if I have any questions about my Indus American Bank loan?

You should continue to contact Indus American Bank as you always have with questions about your loan.  Alternatively, you can contact BCB’s call center at 1-800-680-6872 or through the BCB website. 

Will my loan number remain the same?

Probably not.  If any loan numbers are the same as an existing BCB Community Bank (BCB) loan number or if BCB’s loan servicing system requires a change in your loan number, a new loan number will have to be assigned to your account.  You will be notified in advance if this is required.

Questions about Deposit Accounts and Other Banking Services

Will there be any changes to my business or personal accounts?

You can expect to continue to bank just as you do today.  BCB Community Bank will be working closely with the Indus American Bank (IAB) team to minimize any impacts upon IAB customers.  However, bank mergers will sometimes require some minimal changes to certain accounts.  To the extent that any changes to your accounts are necessary, you will receive written notice of the changes well in advance of the change and bank personnel will be available and ready to assist you with understanding those changes. 

As the computer systems for the two banks merge, we look forward to bringing you additional products and services to support your financial needs. 

Will the interest rates on my deposit accounts remain the same?

For deposit accounts with set interest rates over a period of time, like certificates of deposit, the interest rate will not change.  Rates for such accounts will be subject to change at the time of renewal or turnover just as they would be if there was no merger.  For all other accounts, no immediate changes to interest rates are anticipated.  However, please remember that rates for such accounts are subject to modification at the discretion of the financial institution.

What will I need to do about my Indus American Bank certificate of deposit?

You will continue to have access to your certificate of deposit account.  The maturity date and interest rates will not change on your certificates of deposit until the account matures on its scheduled date.

Will my bank routing number or account numbers change?

BCB Community Bank intends to continue to utilize the bank routing numbers used by Indus American Bank so no changes to banking routing numbers are anticipated at this time. 

With regard to account numbers, your Indus American Bank account numbers will remain the same.  If any account numbers are the same as an existing BCB Community Bank account number or if account servicing system requires a change in your account number, a new account number will have to be assigned.  You will be notified in advance if this is required, as well as be provided with new checks, if applicable, reflecting the new account number at no cost to you.     

Will I still use my Indus American Bank checks and ATM/debit card?

Yes.  Indus American Bank customers will be able to continue to use their existing checks and ATM/debit card.  A new ATM/debit card will be issued to IAB customers in July 2018 and this card will replace your existing card effective July 28, 2018.  You will receive instructions with the new card on how to activate the card and any other steps you need to take with regard to the new card.  Here are what the new debit cards will look like.

Personal Accounts:                                                          Business Accounts:

Personal Debit Card ImageBusiness Debit Card Image

Future orders of checks will be printed as BCB Indus American Bank Your Community Bank.  Unless you are notified otherwise, your routing number and account number will remain the same. 

If you are notified that your account number is a duplicate number and must be changed, you will be advised well in advance of the change and be provided with replacement checks at no cost to you for future use. 

Will there be any change to my direct deposit or my other automatic transactions?

No.  Please be assured that your current arrangements for direct deposit and other electronic transfers will continue without interruption.  If you are notified that your account number is a duplicate number and must be changed, you will be instructed well in advance of the change and on the steps required by you to ensure uninterrupted direct deposits and other electronic transfers.

I have automatic deductions from my checking account to a third party, such as my insurance company.  Will the merger impact this regular deductions?

Probably not.  Automatic deductions from your checking account, such as for a gym membership, mortgage or insurance payment, should continue to be deducted from your Indus American Bank checking account without interruption.  However, if any changes due to the conversion (such as a change in your account number) will impact the Bank’s ability to continue to make these automatic deductions you will be notified in advance to allow you to contact the recipient of the payment to make adjustments needed to continue the automatic deductions with no or minimal interruption.

If the automatic deduction is tied to your debit card, a change  will be required at the time you are issued a new card and it becomes active.  In which case, you will need to notify the recipient of the change in your card number to allow for continued deductions.

What will happen to internet banking, e-statements and bill payments?

Online Banking

The services will remain but how you access the information will be different.  Accessing our online banking will be done at

Account Access Image


You will need to re-enroll to continue receiving estatements. You can re-enroll by clicking on the eStatement tab in online banking. If you do not have an online banking account but want to receive e-statements click here to sign up.


Historical e-Statements will be unavailable for a short period of time. We encourage you to print or save your statements.

Bill Pay

All Bill pay items will carry over with the exception of Person to Person (P2P) items or PopMoney. You will need to create those payees in order to send money. View our Bill Pay Demo here.

Payment Method: The payment method (electronic vs paper check) for a specific payee is displayed under the payee name

What will my new statement look like?

Image of PDF Icon

Will the merger have any impact upon mobile banking?

You will need to download BCB's Mobile App which can be downloaded via Google Play

Google Play image

and the App Store

BCB App Image